Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit

So many choices, so little time!

Which marketing media will be most effective for you?

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How can you choose which communication tools to use?

Darts are not the answer!

The better solution?

Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit

Below are the benefits and our process to help you increase resources, support your cause and expand services.

Benefits of Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit:

  • Help achieve your strategic plan and mission
  • Enhance name recognition and awareness
  • Tell your story in a way that is memorable and relevant
  • Creatively position your organization with key stakeholders
  • Upgrade support for your client and volunteer recruitment
  • Improve targeting of givers and enrich support for fund development

Increase Resources, Support Your Cause and Expand Services

When to consider a Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit:

  • You're going to work on a new strategic plan
  • You've changed strategic direction
  • Key audiences don't know your organization and results
  • You want to increase funding
  • You wish to build more clients to serve or recruit more qualified volunteers
  • You want to further maximize your marketing budget

Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit Process

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  1. Brand strategy decisions - All organizations need to answer key questions for potential stakeholders
  2. Market research - Provides critical intellect needed to guide marketing choices
  3. Competitor & ally analysis - Assess other organizations to differentiate your organization’s positioning with target audiences and assess best practices and competitor marketing strategies
  4. Conduct internal and external stakeholder assessments - Ask good questions to understand your stakeholders’ perspectives and gather quotes for further communication
  5. Develop new attributes, name and logo (if needed) - to better position your organization and gain trademark protection
  6. Draft prioritized messages - Develop message hierarchy with key points for each target audience
  7. Align visual identity - Design visuals based on new brand positioning and personality
  8. Recommend marketing communications strategies and plans - Plan includes marketing objectives, strategies, selection of media, messaging and how to measure success
  9. Increase Resources, Support Your Cause and Expand Services