Merger & Acquisition Communications

Key factors for a successful merger or acquisition

  • Don't overestimate the synergies
  • Don't overpay

All of the rest of these success factors are impacted by effective communications

  • Watch for major cultural differences
  • Key people are retained
  • Focus on revenue as well as costs
  • Be willing to capture synergy integration
  • Manage employee expectations
  • Communicate strategically and effectively

Strategic M&A Communication Objectives

  • Maintain and grow revenue
    • Maintain customer loyalty
  • Reduce costs
    • Reduce undesirable employee turnover
    • Maintain employee commitment
  • Minimize risks
    • Prepare for unanticipated events
    • Seize communication opportunities
  • Prepare for successful venture launch
    • Build management credibility
    • Position the new venture to succeed, including brand strategies
    • Prepare for rapid integration

Communication Critical Success Factors

  • Start planning early
  • Communicate – early, candidly, two-way, fully, consistently, and regularly
  • Manage expectations and measure progress
  • Ensure functional integration
  • Prepare for venture launch and post-launch integration

Start with a strategic-communication game plan

Develop a strategic communication game plan with objectives, strategies, messages, questions and answers, and a full communication schedule. Effectively communicating with all stakeholders and managing their expectations will significantly increase your odds of venture success.

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Communication: a Critical Factor in M&A Success Putting Safety First during M&A Integration