Brand Strategy and Communications Audit – to improve marketing and build revenue

Audit Benefits for You

  • Retain and grow existing customers
  • Acquire new customers
  • Position your company to market new products and services
  • Upgrade your company’s image in the marketplace
  • Better communicate your story in the right media
  • Provide critical info for business decisions
  • Maximize use of your marketing dollars

We deliver practical, cost-effective, customized solutions to improve marketing, strengthen communications and achieve your goals.

Your employee team is engaged throughout the process to build your capability and implement chosen actions

When to consider a Strategic Marketing and Communications Audit:

  • You want to grow your business
  • You are preparing to launch a new product or service
  • Your company is not known by key potential customers
  • Competition is increasing
  • You are changing business strategies

Strategic Marketing & Communications Audit Process

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  1. Brand strategy decisions - All companies need to answer key questions for customers and other stakeholders
  2. Inform Decisions with Market Research - Provides critical intellect to guide marketing choices and to identify market segments; conduct company and marketing SWOT Analyses
  3. Conduct Competitor Analysis - Identify differentiation to recommend positioning with target audiences
  4. Assess stakeholders' point of view - Understand customers and other key audiences, test potential messaging
  5. Develop Brand Personality - Review logo and identity, unique attributes, and strategically position the company
  6. Draft Prioritized Messages - Develop message hierarchy with key points for each target market
  7. Align Visual Identity - Align logo, identity, unique attributes and key messages
  8. Design Marketing Strategies and Communications Plans - Include marketing objectives, strategies, media, messaging and measures of success and budget
  9. Increase Marketing and Increase Revenue

Getting Started: Free Assessment for You

Discovery - to understand your perspective and challenges. Through an in-depth executive briefing, we listen:

  • To your mission, goals, values, issues and concerns to develop audit objectives and identify target audiences
  • Pick up your current marketing and communication plans and copies or links to current materials
  • Discuss who to interview inside and outside of your organization

You Decide - based on an audit proposal with suggested question areas, plan approach, schedule and budget:

  • We assimilate what we’ve heard and read and develop a proposal
  • If you choose to move ahead with the audit, we work with you to further tailor the plan
  • And engage with your senior leadership team to engage them in decision-making and to build capability